Sunday, September 23, 2012

Every Week - Monday!

Prepping for PCOC again.

Doubling up Science and Math in prep for tomorrow off.

Brisket baking for FIVE hours - the ultimate test for a new vegan. ::snort:: I made this as my "main dish" and a side dish for Michael (and the kids?).  I subbed leftover spicy lentils for black beans.

Via Whole Foods Markets
Unfortunately, dinner prep ran late....I ended up taking it and scarfing it down in the chapel kitchen. The older two eat dinners on Monday at the chapel.

Alas, I could find no one to go with me...but I headed for my favorite neighborhood onsen.  That will need to be a separate post. 

Choosing Joy!
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Anonymous said...

HI: neat leaves Stacia is working on. Sure you all are probably working on them too. MONDAY.... what a day it can be and also how much fun it can be for us.

l/p Mom t.