Tuesday, September 25, 2012

YUMMY Vegan Dessert Site

I've discovered a new site. She asks you not post her recipes as she seems to be working up to a cookbook....and I want to honor that...so go check out Chocolate Covered Katie for "healthy," vegan DESSERT recipes.  Who would have GUESSED you can have really amazingly tasty VEGAN desserts.  My blog is my external hard drive, I have most our favorite recipes posted so I can cook while we're living in TLF's etc....but I'll write Katie's down and buy her cookbook when she gets it done - hopefully in a digital format. ::snort:: 

 In this particular recipe I changed 4 of the 5 ingredients....some out of necessity and  one by design. ::snort::... still, I'll play nice.  You know it cracked me up as I posted the title of this - I'm not sharing a KNOCK OFF recipe of a brand name? Go figure the ethics/copyright laws on THAT one.  Many of her recipes ARE originals and I do understand the need to balance, "Get your name known so you can publish," with "please don't take all my material before I publish and ask you to buy it." ::grin:: 

Oatmeal Craisin-Cashew "Lara Bar" - How cute does this look on my little Japanese Recycle plate?

Click here for Katie's original Oatmeal Raisin Walnut Lara Bars recipe.

No, I am not a Lara Bar lover....until this week. I bought some in Tokyo and they lasted from June - Sept 24th. We simply didn't like them, none of us. HOWEVER, as Michael says, "You know you've changed your eating when a Lara Bar is the height of decadence."  I tasted one a couple of days ago and LOVED it...sweet, chocolate, peanut buttery.....and so I went to order a slew of them for snacks on the go. 

I began to search for a vegan scone recipe yesterday and happened on this site....and saw the Lara Bars. I didn't think oatmeal/raisin would be very exciting...but I didn't have dates (they formerly terrified me) to make the Chocolate ones....I made this and will NOT be ordering Lara Bars. I know what is in these...cheaper, yummier! These are fantastic....and they aren't even the chocolate/peanut butter ones. Must got buy dates. 

Changes I made: Craisins as I didn't have raisins, cashews instead of walnuts, left out the salt as the cashews were salted, doubled the vanilla. I did use oats - but come to think of it - I didn't have "instant" and used my Bob's Red Mill Old fashioned. ::snort::  I'm telling you - these are good! Go make some. NO added sugar of any sort....none. Protein, healthy fat, fiber.... NOTE IT SAYS 6 TABLESPOONS OF OATS - NOT 6 CUPS...though I have lots of oat flour for using in other experiments now...

I may finally break down and buy the food processor Bosch attachment. This little (2 C) Cuisinart was working hard. 

I DID make a second bath...and all are now wrapped in the fridge. Yum - healthy and raw. I'll learn how to love being vegan.  

Stacia motivates me. She told me today, "Mom, I'd like you to be alive to play with my preschool children." OUCH -  Um.....me too, honey, me too! I can give up the cheeseburger (cholesterol, fat) - pains me to type THAT. 

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DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

LOL Michael said he saw this and thought I'd taken to photographing ground meat. LOL

Lisa in Jax said...

I love Choc-Covered Katie! :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

She is GREAT, Lisa. I'm enjoying the single serving as the family has me baking and this way I can enjoy something that isn't bad at all....130 calories for a whole cake. ::snort::