Thursday, September 27, 2012

Just Keep Swimming

Why would I post a photo of a dirty dish? Because it used to contain my SOURDOUGH STARTER. I started dough proofing last night and fed the starter. THIS is what I found this a.m. Zander got up and thought it would be a great a.m. to make sourdough pancakes for his siblings. ::snort::  I'll google and make more starter - soon. 

I jumped on Skype for our regional prayer meeting - I was the lonely only. ::snort:: 

I went to bake for Saturday's tea (as I'm evidently driving 3 hours to rice fields tomorrow). I had CHEATED and bought sugar cookie dough - "someone" or "nobody" put them with all the other tea supplies....

I whipped up the dough for cupcakes and Arielle got them ready to bake! They look great. 

I looked up and realized I would be late to Bible study - decided I really can't get all done I need to today and go to Bible Study. Grace. 

The cupcakes were calling my name. I have two parties this weekend....I made Katie's One Minute Chocolate Cake . YUMM.  Though it wouldn't come out of the dish. Though it's "single serving," I ate 1/2 of it and left the other 1/2 for another time. 

Yes, I did make the Reeses Fudge Frosting too.  This little thing has gotten a work out the past two days. 

Arielle suggested she and the boys clean the house and work on other tea party projects while I take Stacia shopping. We went to the Y100 store to buy a few favors, decorations and parts to make a game.  We went to the BX to look at her newest-must-have-will-love-forever doll. She's saving up.  We went to the commissary to buy coconut milk and applesauce so I can try some more baking.  Stacia NEVER ONCE stopped talking. 

Back at home....the kids had CLEANED, had filled the pinata and assembled this little stand. These kids ROCK! We're going with a garden tea party the butterfly will be great. We're inviting all the neighborhood boys to join us for that...but the party is girls only. 

We had plenty of left-over for dinner....and then the girls and I got busy decorating desserts. Hopefully, I can get the rest done early Saturday a.m. Stacia is SO excited for this "Friends Tea Party." She's even practicing a speech about friendship and her guests. Note the bug, dirt, flower theme. 

I think these turned out darling! We couldn't find mint leaves or edible flowers...but this will work. 

Michael came in sometime in the midst of the baking/icing frenzy. He gave Arielle  a crash course on using the GPS and checked my directions for our adventure tomorrow. Praying we have no unexpected trauma adventures....honestly...3 hours out is a bit further than I usually venture alone,  because when you are lost in a foreign country you are truly lost. ::snort::  Michael then spent the night in our room working on something for work. 

I read a chapter to the kids...and now have a Skype ministry meeting - technology is amazing as we'll have women from all around the world on the line. 

It really wasn't a bad day - just keep swimming - and you'll be surprised where you'll end up. 

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Anonymous said...

Sis: love the 'just keep swimming & you'll be surprised where you'll end up" Profound I'd say. True definitely. Easy to focus on if you like swimming and a pool or beach. :):)The tea party these is cute and neat. Like the idea of even getting boys involved later.
:) Now the speach by Stacia is one I'd love to hear. neat.

Praying God helps you and Mike in all the ministry type things you do. Also praying you have a great day tomorrow going to the rice art place. sounds beautiful and awesome to say the least.

love/ continuing prayers - Mom t.