Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oriase Gorge - Fall 2012

We've had ten years of assignments which took us to locations with VERY little fall season.  In AK it lasted about 3 days (maybe it was 2 weeks) and in TX it never really got that crisp, leaves turning color thing where we lived. 

We love the four seasons in Northern Japan. Honestly, winter could be a wee bit shorter - but we love it all.  We decided to drive up Oirase Gorge yesterday and view the fall color....little did we know that the 27th  and 28th were the days the gorge would be closed to automobile traffic. We took the detour which took us to the top of the gorge and we began hiking. It was LOVELY to be able to hike in the roads with nothing to worry about except motorcycles and tour buses. I THINK folks bought tickets and then either hiked up or down the gorge and took the bus back to their starting point. We couldn't read the signs and had no real idea of what the plan was so we just hoofed it. 

We didn't see Americans on the hike - and that's too bad as it is the perfect day to do the gorge. We did find it funny when we were lunching by the "big falls"  tour groups would come by this national treasure and take our family photo instead. ::snort:: Michael said it is probably because we are a large family. I feel like we're a small family these days...but it may have been. 

We did see another couple on our way back to our car....and we found out some friends were up there some Americans got to enjoy the day. 

Here are a "few" photos (culled from over 200 shots).

We stopped at the "top" of the detour to grab a few shots and let Yuuki stretch. It was hard to get people photos and stay on the right side of the barrier - but I attempted it.....

After we saw a Japanese couple hop the barrier, we did too, and Nolan snapped this. 

Arielle stayed near the car with Yuuki

We stopped at a few spots on our way DOWN to the little ferry landing and the top of the gorge. 

This is my "What is he doing now" look

Amazingly clear water
 This is the start of our hike down the gorge

I LOVE the kids' cooperative expressions. LOL 
Would serve them right if this became
the Christmas photo!

The manhole covers in Japan intrigue me. I've captured them in several spots. Each has it's own local flavor. 

We stopped here for lunch. Yes. 

Beautiful lunch spot

Hmmm.....come to think of it my sweatshirt is fairly loud for this culture...maybe THAT is why we had so many photos taken. LOL 

Zander was chatting away about Samurai while he did this and many men stopped to take his photo - before I told him, "STAY on the path!" 

Many were off the path for art's sake. Zander was the only sword-wielding Samurai. 

Lots of artists spend the day here
Not sure what this says but the ghost caught my attention

 Back at our starting point!

This was a great day. For any lucky enough to have another fall in Misawa, I recommend  watching for the days the roads are closed and go on up next year. 

Choosing Joy!
©2012 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

WOW! absolutely beautiful! Those falls remind me of the ones we went to so often in Managoy! So neat for the wonderful day you all had. enjoy on, enjoy on! love/prayers -dad/mom t.

Wilma said...

Loved this post. We live in southern West Virginia at the base of a mountain. Some of your pictures look like it does here. We also have the beautiful New River Gorge nearby with all kinds of activities such as white water rafting and base jumping on Bridge Day (last week). The falls are beautiful. God has provided His beauty bountifully this year,

I have heard that the Japanese find beauty in everything, even manhole covers. How fortunate you are to live in such a culture.

Safe travels.

Jen said...