Friday, October 05, 2012


We have been taking food with us when we travel. Always. This allowed Michael and I take food we could eat while participating in the Daniel Fast. Somehow - I didn't have bread baked and so when it was time to make a picnic lunch I thought, "No bread for sandwiches  we'll just find a spot to stop in Hachinhohe."  This worked for five of the six of us....for was pitiful and hilarious.

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I ordered for everyone and then I looked for the salads...NONE!

Me: "Do you have a veggie burger?"

Manager called - very helpful and polite: "Veggie?"

Me: "Vegetable burger?"

Manager: "Vegetable Hamburger?" Laughing.

Me: Taking the laughter to mean this is an unfamiliar concept.  "Um no salada?"

Manage: "Hai, no salada."

Me: "Do you have a fruit cup in the back?"

Manager: Puzzled.

I wanted the family to try Shaka Shaka chicken. This is good. If I do eventually start eating meat once a month as suggested by doc.....THIS will be one of my monthly meals. ::snort:: I don't think they have these in the get the hot chicken (and it tastes like REAL chicken as opposed to other McDonalds meat offerings) and you add the spice and shaka shaka....cheese or pepper.
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As they tried shaka shaka chicken and enjoyed their meals...I dug in my backpack for a snack. I have learned to bring something.....I found some PB Thins.... good but I'd had cantaloupe for breakfast and it was 2:00 p.m. 

I chose to feel empowered rather than deprived...but mostly I was HUNGRY.

I told Michael I would order a hamburger and eat the lettuce. He and the kids supplied me with lettuce (which tasted GOOD) and finally I caved and bought a small fry. I told Michael it WAS vegetable but he was quite sure it is not what the Dr. had in mind. LOL 

So....not a great vegan day for me today - but that's fine. It's about a lifestyle and not a sprint. I learned to plan ahead. I could have put a salad and tortilla in my back pack and had a salad wrap, I could have put an apple and some grapes in my bag...I just didn't think of it.

One last a funny, God-is-so-persistent type of way....I've been asked to join a corporate fast for some upcoming leadership decisions. It will be a 21 day fast and start on Monday. It will be a Daniel Fast...I have struggled with some feeling I'm far to "legalistic" about this whole food thing. I've eased up the past two weeks....adding some chocolate and bread and natural sweetener in...but the doctor did say, "Keep doing what you're doing - but add some fish and meat once a month." I love how God confirmed it's time to do what I was doing - even if others think it's too strict or legalistic.

Monday, I'll be back to the vegan plus lifestyle. LOL  And eventually, I'll be on a vegan diet that is a bit less restrictive...but this isn't really too hard at this point....if I PLAN AHEAD! I'll be in the states when it's time to break this fast and I am sort of wondering if I'll be able to find vegan food in that environment....may order some snacks to take with me....not sure there is time....gotta plan ahead. ::snort::

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Anonymous said...

Sis: Honey, I'm proud of you and your legalistic way.... you are looking good and for sure restraint on things not good for us is great. PTL your headaches are least you are on your way to finding out just what food it is that causes them.

That cheese peper stuff sounds good. Now wait a minute......I can't eat that stuff cuz of all the coughing.......oh well it sounda good.

You shouldn't have to much trouble continuing a vegan style of eating here other than for the temptations. If not vegan in a resturant at least vegitarian. Places here are pretty aware and willing to help find food for customers. NOW it is just family (like me) who will have to know just what you need/want. Hopefully by the time you get home both Dad/I will have lost a good bit of weight and will be eating better. We have both lost in the last 2 weeks. Dad more than I as is normal for men to lose more.

Looking forward to seeing you again. Bre/I were talking last week about your being sent to another base..... of course you want a certain part of the States.......but it would be fun for the kids and us in Tacoma (ha) or mid etc Calif. HOWEVER we are praying the Lord puts you just where HE wants and that is where YOU want. :) Anywhere in the States will be good because we can then use our airmiles and Dad travel with me also so there........ :):) love/prayers and enjoy your remaining time to the fullest. MOM T. Makes me want to cry thinking about Japan. Thanks for all the neat pictures and writings. love/prayers again... Mom t.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Yep, we'll have to see where we end up next. I know 1/2 the family would like west coast, and 1/2 the family would like TX...and I'd love to see something new.....we'll have to see. LOL

Not legalistic....disciplined and attempting obedience.