Friday, October 19, 2012


A simple glimpse into our homeschool one day this week.....

 We moved the antique table upstairs as we only need one table in the dining room now. The boys really enjoy it in their room. Zander likes staying in the room to do table school - coming down when he needs help.

I knew this would be a good reading nook at the top of our stairs...I thought it would be for me until Yuuki took it over...Arielle doesn't mind. ::grin:: 

The belt on our elliptical wore out and so I've been using a variety of workout DVD/TAPES for the past three weeks. Stacia likes doing them with me....and this day she continued on for the "strength" training after the cardio part.  I'm hoping the part is here by the time I get home from conference....I can do videos a few more weeks. 

Choosing Joy!
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