Friday, October 19, 2012

Dinner Intervention!

I continue to search for recipes which allow me to feed my family without having to cook two meals. Sometimes I simply eat the veggie dishes....but as this has become a lifestyle change and not a six week fast...there are times I'd like to eat more than roasted veggies or a salad or beans and rice.  Do note if you ever invite us to your home for dinner,  I am more than satisfied with a nice salad and your veggie side need to cook a separate meal for me...your conversation is filling. ::wink::

I spend much more time in the kitchen lately. One night I made turkey meatloaf for them and vegan tamale pie for me.....small pies - I made 4 and have 2 in the freezer for future meals. Michael opted to eat one of them instead of meatloaf. They were good - but in the future I will use MORE filling, add some olives.....I'll try a few more recipes.

I'd been promising Nolan I'd make Country Chicken Pot Pie for over a month. This is one of my favorite meals in the world...but is not vegan.


I made Vegan Pot Pie for myself...I have no clue why it made so MUCH this time.....I ate a small one, had some for lunch and then froze the rest. I used almond milk and broth this time and it was a bit more like the Chicken Pot Pie...I think the chick peas know... psychologically!  ::snort:: 

The points of this post are:

  • I OBVIOUSLY need a whole wheat pie crust intervention. ::blush:: WHY can't I get a whole wheat pie crust that WORKS? I used to make great pies! HELP. 
  • I'd love suggestions for meals which I could make which would be EASY for all of us - one main dish instead of two.  Feel free to offer your suggestions.  I've come up with a lentil casserole, soups, meatless spaghetti (but they don't really love that). I've also found some which I can make and "add meat and cheese" for the others (lasagna, vegetable calzone, spaghetti, pizza). 
  • If you are vegan  I'd love your tips for cooking with a family which is not vegan...though they are trending to meat as a "condiment" and eating more and more veggies.  Note, I'm still researching the soy question for those with thyroid disease and so am not eating soy products at this time. 
Before commenting that Veganism is unhealthy or sharing other assumptions, please read this. I eat this way as it is what is working and my doctor is fully on board. I've now lost 33 lbs and my cholesterol, blood pressure numbers are great. I am SO close to a normal BMI. I am having labs every 6 weeks (trying to get OFF meds) and I'm sure if I'm about to die from lack of protein Doc will catch it. 

Choosing Joy!
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Nola said...

Here is my pie crust recipe. I have adapted it from a make ahead cookbook. We make double the amount and just ball and toss in a ziplock to freeze.

Freezer Pie Crust Mix
6 cups WW flour
2 teaspoons salt
2 ½ cups coconut oil (not hard, not liquid)
1 ¼ to 1 ½ cups cold water

In a bowl combine flour and salt, with Pastry blender or heavy duty mixer cut shortening until mixture resembles corn meal in texture. Add 1 1.4 cups water all at once. Mix lightly with a fork until water is absorbed and mixture forms a ball. If necessary add additional water. Divide dough into 7 portions. Shape into balls. Flatten each ball slightly, Wrap each flattened ball in a piece of plastic wrap. Place wrapped ball on piece of foil, fold foil tightly against ball making an airtight seal. Store in freezer. Use within 10 months

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Thanks, Nola! I'll try it. A question - you say the coconut oil is "not hard; not liquid" - is that what you meant - sort of squishy then....or is it a type o and it should be hard like shortening?

Ev said...

I have no recipe ideas at this point. However Beverly Ruth (Debbi's 13 year old) came back from Europe with People to People last year a vegetarian. Not totally vegan. Debbi doesn't cook with a lot of meat anyway,and has learned to adapt for Beverly & Michael, who loves meat. Beverly tells me she's not sick as much (Debbi is real focused on making sure she gets her protein) & Debbi has fewer headaches as her cooking has changed some for Beverly. Just a word of support for you. Blessings, Evelyn

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Great to hear about Debbie and Beverly, Ev. I drink a protein shake most days to get a boost of protein...but I don't think it's really, really needed. LOL