Thursday, December 27, 2012

Heard Around Our Home

Via Google Images
"Pirates are Jewish, right?" - Um....seems Stacia has become convinced that pirates were originally Jewish.

We've been working on politeness and gratitude around our home.....wait for it......

Tonight at the dinner table Zander commented, "Mom, thank you for that indescribable meal, may I be excused from the table?"  ::snort:: 

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Renee said...

what a polite young man (depending on the tone of voice :)

Debbie said... it!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! They keep us smiling; )

Bre G

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

His tone is totally serious. He said the same to Akikosan yesterday. In family devotions we defined "indescribable" as a name of Jesus. Unable to describe, too wonderful for words....and I am guessing he means this to be a compliment and not "Don't know what the heck you served, but thanks!" ::snort::

Anonymous said...

Sis: What a kick your youngest son is. :):):)that stir-fry looks so good.. reminds me of the Philippines. love/prayers - Mom t.