Saturday, December 29, 2012

HOBBIT & Girls' Night

The day began rather lazily with an hour of Hobbit reading, snow play and then Michael took Nolan and Arielle and ran to the base to get our mail and do a commissary run.

Zander and I got two more hours of Hobbit reading in....Yes, I do tend to move my mouth as the kids read.

At one point Zander broke into song....I had Michael capture it when he got home! ::snort:: Priceless. 

Four hours of reading today; ten hours of reading total - and SUCCESS Zander reads the last line of Chapter 6 of the Hobbit. He can go to the movies tonight with Michael and the kids. Opening Night of the Hobbit on base!

And so the three older kids and Michael left to watch the Hobbit. Stacia and I settled in for the a fun night. Due to the timing of the shows - today, Sunday (one showing right when we have chapel), Monday (evening) -  we can't go to the onsen as planned while the others go the movies. We don't want to sit in the onsen for an hour and then sit on the curb for two hours waiting for our ride. ::snort::

We cleaned up dinner dishes, wrapped a couple of presents, did each other's nails, popped some popcorn and watched Looney Tunes all night. I had told her she could pick ANY movie she wanted - one that the other kids don't like to watch with her. I thought we'd be watching a princess movie. ::grin::

I was told this is the Puppy Eyes look

Meanwhile - at the base theater, it's a packed opening night! 

One and a half hours into the film the movie picked up in the wrong place, all the action was going backwards and the people were upside down. Yep. It would seem that it may not have been rewound after showing in Yokota. In any event, what a disappointment!  They couldn't seem to fix it. The theater gave passes to another shows Sunday during church and Monday - well we'd had family plans for New Year's Eve..... 

We're looking into Shimoda mall - but the website is showing different times on two different computers for the English showing. If anyone has the cinema's number, we'd love to have it. LOL  And yes, I'm open to ideas of another great outing with Stacia - we'll have approximately 3 hours. 

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Renee said...

How disappointing... sure hope they can find another time to see the movie.

So you have to pay for movies on post? In Korea, active duty and their family members got in free - only civilians and their families had to pay.

Linda said...

Ugh! That certainly is disappointing. Well, it'll be out on DVD before we know it! :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Oh yes, we have to pay for movies. I've never been at an Air Force base where we were given free movies.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

oh bummer! That's irritating! I hope they get to see it this week.

And Looney Tunes?! I totally would have gone for the princess movie or at least a chick flick...maybe she just isn't as die hard; p
Bre G
PS I see a familiar package;D

Anonymous said...

upside down movie. Crazy! Did your family get to see the movie today? try the internet if not.

Anonymous said...

Alexander: love hearing your singing voice..... congrats... you finished. llove/prayers 2G's t.