Saturday, December 08, 2012

More Thoughts on that Food Thang!

I have no plans to turn Choosing Joy into a dieting blog.  My current journey away from food addiction to freedom in Christ IS, however, currently a big part of life.  I don't desire to be overly candid here about the reasons for my struggles with food...frankly, some folks aren't very nice with the vulnerability of others (a big lesson I'm learning). I've deliberately kept this battle fairly close, sharing parts of it with a few. 

More and more women are asking me HOW I'm breaking free of food addictions, what I'm eating,  what I'm doing.... As a whole I'm a fairly open individual in real life, on this blog, in workshops, while facilitating Bible studies...I'm considering how to balance what may be helpful to others  with  my need to protect myself as I journey to strength.

I have not discovered a magic weight loss formula. I have not come up with a new program to break food addictions or cure eating disorders. I shared HERE that I was desperate for answers and God clearly impressed on me He was the WAY out of food addiction if I would choose to Follow Him to Freedom....It began with a 3 month chocolate fast...followed by a six week Daniel Fast. This went a long way to breaking strongholds in my life. It also gave my body time to detox while I continued to pray and consider the next step.

I determined not to fall into a fad diet, but to follow HIM....not Dr. Russell, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Furhman, Rip Esselstyn, Dr. whoseit or Sally Q Famous! I read The Daniel Fast, A Woman's Guide to Fasting, the Word, and I prayed about each and every eating situation. I then followed what I felt was the right thing to do in that situation....I know it sounds fruity...but that's how I lost 28 lbs in 6 weeks.  When my PA said, "Keep doing it, but consider adding fish once a week and chicken once a month," I realized I had an eating plan. ::snort::

I began to read other authors,  research online,  watch documentaries while I worked out and have found all  helpful in confirming what was laid out to me during my fast. Along the way, I'm learning some amazing things about myself, about others, about food, about God. I believe some things are shared as confidences between friends - and I don't look to share everything discovered on this journey.

One thing I'm learning, in a deeper way, is things done in secret, things hidden, are easily manipulated by satan. He can't KNOW my thoughts, he can't be everywhere at once. Things I  hide, or do in secret, clue him in to my weak areas. He mercilessly attacks. He was able to keep me in bondage, at times nearly crippled by shame, because I worked for decades to keep my brokenness hidden, most of the time denying it even to myself. I didn't want to bring shame on Christ, my family, a mission organization....he exploited . When I bring my brokenness to the LIGHT (Jesus), God's truth is able to heal, His life floods in and precious healing occurs.

Many of you have talked to me over the years about being "too open."   I'm praying about where God's line falls between protecting myself and keeping things hidden which should be brought to light.  Don't look for unending posts digging up the past sins done to me, my past sins done to myself and others etc. but from time to time I may share a key part of the journey if I suspect it will help others.

Bottom Line: I will begin to share book reviews, thoughts, documentaries as I continue on this journey and I wanted you to know you are totally FREE to simply delete them. I don't plan on the whole blog becoming a food addiction if you read because you like photos of Japan, family stories, or homeschooling stories...they'll still be here....and I wanted you to be at ease that I'm not changing the entire direction of the blog when I start posting book reviews etc.  Deal? 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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Anonymous said...

I am currently on my own food journey. The Lord is walking me through a wonderful time of learning to trust Him and not food. I appreciate your sharing about food and find it a source of encouragement.
Praise the Lord for His love and grace!
Laura J.

Janette said...

"Wow! Thank you Jesus for speaking to me today though this blog. May Your words resonate with me as I continue to slowly open the door to Your Wisdom. "

Nola said...

I enjoy reading your food journey, it helps me with mine. I find what you write direction for me to pray over as I work to also change eating habits that have been handed down. Thanks for your sharing and willingness to be open and a light for others.

Deja said...

I have always, ALWAYS appreciated and admired your transparency. These days, it is not easy to find people willing to be transparent...especially on the internet, where it is too easy to be someone we're not. You drink from deep waters, so I know the things you say aren't some ramblings of a half-insane woman...or ARE they?! LOL. I read your blog, because you are my friend, you and your people are important to me, and I've learned that God uses people to gently lead me in directions I need to go... Your honesty in this area is EXACTLY what God used to convict me of my sin in this area. Hiding in it down. Thanks for mixing in the realities of Following to Freedom with the everyday joys of your family.