Friday, February 22, 2013

Mentor Group

The Lord began speaking to me this summer about changes in my  ministry, balance of my time and such. I pulled back from much activity, PWOC is restructuring and Regional and International levels of leadership are "disappearing" as of 28 Feb.  

Six women spoke to me about mentoring them....and I prayed....and waited...and discussed it with Michael. The concern was meeting weekly with six women would take back all the margin I'd created. I read  Mentor Like Jesus. I've written about the book here.  I wrote their foundation and discovered Titus 2 Mentoring Women.  This made it possible for me to mentor six women at one time, and NOT sacrifice my family on the altar of outside ministry. This is quite a bit of commitment for both the women and myself.   It's intentionally focused on being a follower of Christ in every area of our lives.  There are assignments, a monthly group meeting, a monthly one on one meeting, verses to memorize.... I talked to PWOC leadership to make sure they were o.k. with me proceeding and that I would not in any way conflict with their vision for the local PWOC.  Michael (as my husband; not a supervising chaplain) agreed this would work.  I tossed it out there ONLY to those who had previously approached me.  We've tweaked it to fit our military life-style....for instance I planned to do something like this in the future - when I had twelve months....but in the end three women joined me for the time we have left together.  We'll Skype in one gal as she pcs'. It's totally my passion and not connected with the chapel or PWOC (though I  used the theme graphic for the notebook cover - it was perfect).....

It's a God thing - a good thing....and I'm thrilled I listened and rearranged my schedule in the fall. ::wink::  I'm praying about a "distance" group. The ministry foundation has given me approval to use their materials in this way. I have been approached by a gal I'd love to mentor who lives elsewhere in Japan (at the moment ::snort::). We'd use skype for the monthly meeting.....we'd miss the face to face intimacy...praying...and trying this for now. Maybe I'll do a distance group when I get to Beale as I won't know anyone to have a face to face group anyway for a bit of time. LOL 

Speaking of Beale.....I'm starting to make connections with those who have been to Beale. Tonight we're going to have pizza and  a movie hook the laptop up to the projector and check out maps, you tube videos, and images of the area. 

Would you believe both yesterday AND today God squarely placed ladies in my path who GREW UP in the very area of Beale? ::snort:: 

My career PCS verse: ".....through all the generations YOU have been our home!" Ps 90:1 HE has been and will continue to be our home! A person can learn a lot from Moses. 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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Anonymous said...

Sis and family: Well, one thing dad/I have learned over the years is that ministry will continue as long as we allow it to and listend. So glad and PTL for how the Lord is using and directing you. It really is going to be enjoyable to see how everything turns out in Calif...... I often wonder why in the world we people even bother to be concerned about stuff because by now we know it is always God who is doing the doing as long as we allow Him to...... love/prayers - mom t.