Tuesday, March 05, 2013

A Tuesday in Lent

I woke up this morning with an odd prayer on my lips, "Abba, don't let them divert us from Beale," and I knew God has changed my heart.  It's really not all about a house, it's about knowing that Jehovah Jireh is going before us to provide for us and His body through this move to CA. We are content.  I never thought on 20 Feb I'd EVER be praying, "God, don't let them send us elsewhere." ::snort:: 

Michael has worked long nights yesterday and today (still not home)....had a suicide prevention workshop, lots of meetings and has begun all the paperwork to get our date for leaving Japan settled. We think it will be 16 July...and that still makes me very sad to contemplate...so I don't. How can you look ahead and deny it involves a goodbye? I don't know HOW, but hundreds of military families do it every year. ::grin:: 

We're living in a winter wonderland - a snow globe.  We've had a few days with temps in the 40's, the roads were clear so I drove today! A good thing.

Today was another PCOC (Protestant Children of the Chapel) day. We had fun with this activity. There are three paths - each leading to a little happy face or a frowning face at the end. The kids followed the path....and then were told, "You found it, you can now sit and cheer for others," or "Oops...wrong path, aren't you glad God forgives and lets us have a second chance? Why don't you try again?" It was fun - the kids mostly liked being on the wrong path and doing it again and again. 

This Lent season we chose activities that were "nearly daily." We wanted success and know from the past 40 days of activities takes us longer than 40 days to complete. We are working through Trail to the Tree, by Ann Voskamp. I find if I work through a devotional and meditate on it in the a.m. I'm ready to condense it so all the kids can benefit from it by evening. Click the previous link and scroll to the bottom for the free download. There are 17 readings - much easier for our family schedule than 40.  Each day's reading has a copy of art work which goes along with the passage read. We have laminated these and are making a Jesus Tree. 

We ordered this wreath at Christmas time from Ann's son. There is a carved figure of Mary on the donkey for Christmas.  It came right in time for Lent...so we are enjoying this new tradition for Lent first. 

We had tried Amon's Adventure last year and didn't make it through the book. There are 27 readings....we are past Palm Sunday now and we cannot seem to stop! This bothers Arielle as she thinks we should be reading Palm Sunday on Palm Sunday - while I see her point - we couldn't stop! ::snort:: 

Each night each of us shares at least one thing we're thankful for and one thing we'd like prayer for. Nolan and I both mentioned we were thankful for a nap/rest time this afternoon.....aren't times of rest after times of service blessed? I was encouraged that HE was also tired after the morning with our pre-schoolers....I had thought I may be aging. 

Arielle is showing Stacia how to embroider and they'll both continue to embroider the signatures on our Thanksgiving Tablecloth. 

Ah....Michael is home! A very full day. 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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aaawwww I remember passing the thanksgiving tablecloth duties off to Arielle; )
Bre G