Saturday, March 16, 2013

Perfectly Great Rainy/Snowy Saturday

We enjoyed a lovely relaxing and refreshing Saturday. Margin is a beautiful thing. 

I met with my mentor group in the morning at a local cafe. It was a wonderful time of making meaningful connections. I love these women, wish I'd had the time to do this years earlier. They enrich my life. I pray some of my mistakes will help them avoid the same. 

We had thought we'd go to Shipwreck Beach  (a quick search at the top of the blog will produce many past posts about this location). It was overcast, raining and  snowing....we stayed home and enjoyed "being the G's". 

We love this G-sized twister mat which Krista made for us some years ago when more kids were at home. It's always fun to think of her when we pull it out - and the Gherkins play never fails to amuse. 

We were happy to oblige Nolan (not known for choosing to fill his free time with reading) when he requested a  Kindle for his birthday! I shared with the kids  I was reading an incredible Christian political suspense series. I had  not read Joel C. Rosenberg before....though it was on "the stand" as both Tara and Arielle highly recommended him as an author.  I'm happy to see there are several other series he's written. We're reading the Twelfth Imam series. Nolan began reading and is now on book 3 - as am I. The race is on. I had 30 chapters on him as of last night but I keep finding him reading around the house.

As the day wore on the kids migrated to the kitchen where they made cookies - not vegan cookies - cookies from the back of the toll house bag. ::snort:: 

We rounded out the day with more games, a chapter from Amon's Adventure, and  a showing of The Hunt for Red October (keeping the political suspense genre alive).

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
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Anonymous said...

Hey Kids:

Hope you saved your g'ma t. some of those delicious lookin C-Chip cookies......

I remember playing on that game Krista made for you all. Bet I could not do much twisting anymore. :):):) love/prayers - g'ma t

Deja said...

Calvin and Hobbs...Joel Rosenberg...gotta love the Gherkins and the way they discover the love of reading! I remember reading The Last Jihad in one day...did not accomplish anything else. He's a great writer.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I've not read that series yet, Deja...but am planning on doing so. I really enjoy his writing.