Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lovin Japan ~ Pedicures

Rachel D via photopin cc

It took well over a year before I was brave enough to get a pedicure. It seemed far too intimate to have someone scrubbing and massaging my feet...until I realized I routinely visited onsens to sit naked with strangers. 

Twyla and Renee became my pedicure partners (as they were onsen partners). I've not taken the time for many pedicures since they both moved.  The last one was at Asia Region's PWOC conference in November 2011.  Lauren, Laurie, Cindy and I stole a few moments before conference began to get a pedicure. 

The girls love pedicures. I must make time for a few more Japanese pedicures before we move in 85 days. 

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Laura said...

That is so funny. I had never had a pedicure in my life before last June when I got one with my dear cousin, Jennifer. I really did end up loving it, though I haven't been back for another one since. Will definitely have to when it gets a bit warmer here, I think.