Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lovin Japan ~ Trees

I love the care given to trees in Northern Japan. Each year crews come through and tie up branches and often wrap trunks. I've heard wrapping the trunks protects from beetles and such.  

The ropes are to hold up the heavy branches in the winter so the snow doesn't break them...every spring the ropes are removed. 

We like some of the sculptured trees; others are questionable. There several houses near us which have foregone a lawn for trees....strange looking trees....gumdrop trees.

Recently, Arielle was working on an art lesson and was told to draw a tree. She did. The lesson went on to talk about the lines you use to make branches. Perplexed she realized she'd drawn a "Japanese gumdrop tree" without even thinking of it. 

Arielle also has her "true-blue Japanese card;" she belongs. 

Choosing Joy!
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