Saturday, April 13, 2013

Lovin Japan ~ Conservationism

Japan is a small island nation. Land is at a premium. I've observed a general attitude of conservation in the typical Japanese. 

Recycling is big and EASY to do here....picked up at your home...bins everywhere in public.  A Japanese citizen pays for garbage/recycling pick up with taxes. 

Energy conservation is big too.  This is manifested in many ways but this is the way that caught my attention. Most Japanese style homes have a glassed in room running the front of the house...either on a second floor or combined with the entry area.  Clothes are hung her throughout the year to dry.... you can see this below. 

Power was out after the earthquake/tsunami in 2011.  When it came back everyone who lived that time is even more aware of conserving energy. Energy continues to be "tight" as several reactors have been shut down. 

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