Saturday, April 06, 2013

Shiriya on Saturday

Today we drove up to Cape Shiriya - the Northeastern tip of Honshu - with dear family friends. Due to Mr.'s employment we will not mention names and have carefully cropped photos to make it look like we were all alone. ::snort:: 

We were disappointed NOT to see horses wandering all around the coastline....we even went looking for them in the trees...

It WAS WINDY today....and that made for a beautiful Ocean...though our picnic had to be in cars instead of beach side as planned and Mrs. and I look like Ninjas in all our photos. ::wink::

 Mr. found two glass floats. These were the first his family has found on their assignment. It began to hit today that we'll all be moving soon. They'll move mid-June; we'll move mid-July. It's also great to spend time with Mr. G out exploring together.  (Note Arielle has confirmed this coat puts 50 lbs on me.)

For Driving Directions complete with geo-coordinates click here; to see lots of photos of this area  with horses and lighthouse type "Cape Shiriya" or "Shiriya Lighthouse" into the search box at the top left corner. 

Choosing Joy!
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Wild Homeschool Family said...

Beautiful ocean pics. I always feel that I look fat in my ski coat and pants, they do add a lot of bulk, especially to shorter people. LOL

Linda said...

Gorgeous ocean photos!