Sunday, May 26, 2013

Farewells, Bonfires and Moving Madness

I do not think we could have fit one more bit of fun  into Jared's short trip home.  He's winging his way to TX as I write.  It was a short trip - but it was a great break for us in the midst of moving madness....and it was good for him to get to come home to Japan one last time. I believe we needed to see him and he needed to see us. ::grin::

Michael realized last year, due to the abrupt circumstances of his departure, Jared didn't have a "final" week at chapel. He had volunteered in seen and unseen capacities for three years. Michael gave him the "God coin" today at the airport.

 When Jared left for college he planned to be back to see us before we moved. Today, he knew this may well be his last time in Japan. This gave the leave-taking a different feel.

In a God-coincidence, he ended up sitting next to the husband of a gal I mentor. They had a great talk to Haneda, rode the bus across Tokyo together and Jared hopped on the plane for MN and TX.


 This was taken just after they bowed to the plane....

Jared's final moments in Misawa.....

We planned to spend the day preparing for our packers and attend  church this evening....about 2:00 p.m. - as we were nearing a need for a break - I remembered there was a combined service today. It turned out well as we needed to focus on getting ready today. We deliberately did NOT focus while Jared was here. I am glad the kids and I have worked on this daily for weeks before his visit or we'd be in a world of hurt now.   For our mid-afternoon break we decided to use up a science kit rather than packing it.

If the mentos don't work....try water and a bike pump. This little car was so impressive we decided not to throw out the kit. LOL

We packed for three more hours and then loaded a bunch of burnables into the van for our "end of the school year" bonfire. We also found fireworks which can't be shipped.  Yuuki had been following us around all day...we were never out of her sight. She seemed a bit perplexed by all the  activity. She was very happy to jump in the van with us and head for the beach.

Arielle texted a couple of friends that we were at the beach - come and bring marshmallows - and they did. It was a fun way to end a busy day of moving madness....We'll keep at it all day tomorrow and we should be all organized (things to ship now, things to ship July 10th, things to go in our suitcases, things for the missionaries, things for the thrift store, things for the garbage) before they arrive Tuesday a.m.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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