Monday, May 13, 2013


As we get closer to leaving Japan, life feels a bit chaotic, raw and out of control...Emotions are frayed and feel a bit chaotic, raw and out of control as well.  Our well-oiled routine feels more like....a stampede of wild horses!

In a few weeks most chapel programs will be breaking for the summer...most goodbyes will be said as many PCS the end of May/beginning of June...and then we'll have a month to laze around before we say OUR goodbyes.  (Except Michael will be running screaming busy as we're very low manned.)

I've made a conscious choice to spend some of my fought for margin on friends.  I've had at least two engagements a week for no other purpose than RELATIONSHIP - and I've loved it. This week that translated to two Skype calls with friends who have "gone before", a squeezed in lunch with one of my first Misawa friends, and an onsen visit with a young mom - because I so wish I'd had that opportunity when I had two pre-schoolers. ::snort::  I also made time to get the kids to a few outings with their friends.

This past week saw the last Misawa MOPS for me. I've enjoyed being a mentor mom - though I've not been able to make the morning dates (other than the monthly meeting) due to homeschooling. Tea and Testimony was wonderful. The table time was some of the best I've ever experienced at MOPS. I will miss this group of ladies and am happy to know that there is a MOPS at Beale AFB.

This past week also had labs, an optometry appointment for Arielle, and a thyroid appointment for me.  We took my dose we're upping it a bit...I no longer have insomnia...but I'd like to be a bit more energetic than a slug....though all keep telling me that what I refer to as sluggish is normal for someone "of my age." ::snort::  My PA also ran a slew of "vegan tests." Just checking to make sure B12, iron etc are where we want them...I'm quite sure he won't tell me to start eating meat again if it's not....and I'm quite sure I won't be getting shots.... ::wink::

Shew - and there you have it - a new week has begun! Jared flies in this week and will be here until the 26th of May. I will most likely not schedule lots of friend outings until he leaves. Prayers for him as he makes his first solo International trip are appreciated.

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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