Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sweet Sixteen at Cape Shiriya!

Happy Birthday to Arielle! Sweet Sixteen! It has been a joy to watch the woman of God Arielle has become....yes, I said she's BECOME.... not WILL BE. 

We drove up to Cape Shiriya lighthouse today....

It was a red letter day as we found FIVE glass floats..... 


When Michael told Arielle to get the camera because he wanted to give me something....and I knew we hadn't been anywhere NEAR a mall....I figured he'd found a float....but he found an oblong roller....our very first one!  I was suitably impressed.

Of course this is the way to measure a really big piece of bamboo! ::snort:: 

Today's treasures....I rescued the bottle in the knick of time! 

There were several cute foals....and this led to the funny of the day..... 

Zander  - "Perverted Pony!"

Me - "No Zander, the pony is nursing." 

Zander - "Really?"

Me - "Yes, horses breasts are down there...." and the car rang with laughter...o.k. Hashimoto moment....couldn't quite find the right words....

When we got back to Misawa we went to Papa Genos for dinner.... and then Arielle showed us a few things she wanted....and we got them for her. She'll have a "rolling birthday." Her main gift from us is still to come.

These are fake books with a box....

She passed on these....

We drove up to the house late at night and discovered birthday fun! Arielle has some great friends.

Arielle opened a few gifts....Stacia made Arielle a jewelry set clear back in February and was thrilled that her birthday FINALLY arrived! She also got her a Barbie coloring set at the AWANA store. Back at home she began  having second thoughts and thought maybe Arielle would like the watch she got better.....we talked about it and then she went upstairs, came back down and said, "Arielle says she would LOVE to color on the airplane!" Later, Arielle told me Stacia subtly said, "Arielle  - do you like watches or coloring best?" ::snort:: 

Wedding Crocs - they are GREAT. 

Onsen towel and a little glass teddy bear in an onsen tub

One friend MADE this fake book

Chocolate bandaids - perfect gift for our sweet, fun, slightly klutzy (like her mother) daughter! Her friends know her well. 
Arielle has asked me to try to figure out how to make an ice cream cake using the Cashew Banana Ice Cream recipe.  I'm going to try to get the ice cream part in the freezer before they pack the food processor and then play with it when life has settled after the packers take our things. 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Linda said...

Happy birthday, Arielle! How can she be 16 already?

Anonymous said...

16 years already. Going to be nice having her on facebook though. :):):):) Bet none of you got bored on this day. love/prayers - mom t.