Friday, July 12, 2013

Chapel Staff Farewell

We're continuing to work check lists. One alarming moment was when the gal at the CTO insisted we were NOT in the computer and were NOT on the plane for Tuesday. I called Michael and he said he'd already picked up the tickets  - so she checked again. She told me AGAIN we were not in the computer. I told her six of us and a beagle have tickets for Monday.  She went back again and then told us we were ready to go. I was glad I had decided to go in to change two of our meal choices to vegan.  LOL 

Today's highlight was the chapel staff farewell. We've had an incredible four years here. It was fun to remember and celebrate bits of it today. I'm going to miss these folks....

Sgt. A (Will) shares where he and Michael were when THE quake hit....2nd floor of the Torii building. I wish I'd caught his quake moves on video. A shared connection for sure. 

The staff gave Mike this lovely Samurai sword - engraved with his name, years and the last chapel coin

Great staff - blurry photo

Choosing Joy!
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how very special!