Friday, July 26, 2013


I often heard complaints about the size and selection at the  commissary in Misawa. It was much bigger than the one at Goodfellow AFB.  I checked out the Beale commissary's small too. This is the entire natural foods selection. Some of our favorites from Misawa are not here. ::snort::
Not to worry - the difference is I can still shop via vitacost and I have many other stores to select from in the area. LOL

 We visited the club for lunch today (WOW - MUCH more expensive than Misawa and much less selection - what's with THAT????). I noticed the vegetable panini  option. I asked for it without the cheese. He offered to sub other cheese. I explained I don't eat cheese.  He made me a wonderful panini with tons of asparagus on it....and told me I can ask for him to make a vegan panini even if they aren't on the menu. SCORE....better than the grilled chicken salad without chicken of yesterday - aka bowl of iceberg lettuce.

These two enjoyed playing in the sprinkler outside our trailer....the only other kids in the camp were drawn to us. If we were all staying here a bit longer I think they'd have new friends. Another homeschooling family. They are moving 45 minutes away....I was hoping maybe the same neighborhood. ::grin::

We packed again today....this time to move from the trailer into our new house. We'll finish packing, pack up the trailer, take the trailer to storage and move into the house tomorrow.

We CLEANED at the house today. I was proud of the kids. We discovered where the mice were living. We set off spider bombs. We scrubbed tubs and showers and sinks....washed baseboards and walls and railings...replaced filters...and scrubbed appliances....we are going to LOVE our new home.  We're excited to  "move in" tomorrow and begin house-camping.  We have a few more projects but we can work on them while we live window tracks, behind appliances (Michael pulled out the fridge and stove which led to me begging for a reprieve),getting rid of wasp nests up high by our front door, and cleaning pigeon mess off the high windows and front of house.

She WAS washing walls in the boys' room...the floor was too exciting

All of our sleep patterns are off. We are used to the sun going down between 4:30 - maybe 6:00 p.m.  The sun here doesn't go down until much later....and so we are constantly realizing it's 10:00 p.m .and we're still out and about. Tonight we got home at 11:30 p.m.  

Arielle mentioned being ready for dinner and we thought it would be fun to head into Roseville for dinner,  a quick look around, and to buy spider bombs. I LIKED Roseville - but I think I'll do more of my shopping locally if I can find options. I hope to visit the area at least monthly...but not weekly.  Too much gas.....I want to save my gas $ to explore California. 

Like Owner Like Beagle? 

I made lots of videos. I thought it would be a good time to tour the house (before things are in place). Michael pointed out my comments accomplished the same thing seeing the furniture would (here is where the electric keyboard will be, here is where the printer will go...). ::snort:: 

A productive day.

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
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