Friday, July 26, 2013

Culture Shock Tidbits

 We're sure to have bigger and more profound thoughts on this - but here are our random thoughts. 

We've looked repeatedly - there are no buttons to call your waitress in America. This was Stacia's job and she misses it.

If your baked potato doesn’t arrive with you meal – don’t patiently wait for it to come out. Assume the chef forgot.  In Japan, food comes out piecemeal as it is served.

Chopsticks really DO make eating noodles easier…..

Beware of scantily clad old men sitting in doorways at night.

“All the bathrooms are Western style, Mom.”

“Gross! Where are the squatties? I’m not putting my bum there!”

Beale AFB has a phobia about “hand hygiene”….stations ALL over the base with antibacterial gel….several in the chapel, every office, every building…..what’s up with this?

When I asked Stacia why she’s not talking to people she responded, “You warned me not to talk to strangers.” 

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Linda said...

We found this to be true at Lackland, as well. When we went into chapel, there were airmen outside the doors holding hand sanitizer making everyone use it.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Unreal - it wasn't like this four years ago. They are EVERYWHERE!!!!

Of course after four years in Japan - the whole shaking hand thing DOES seem highly unsanitary to me....bow or hug....keep your germs to yourself. LOL

Linda said...

If I recall correctly, squatties were an initial shock on your arrival to Japan, right? ;-)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

It's hilarious, isn't it? I don't have a problem. One daughter refused to use squatties and now one refuses to use Western.