Monday, July 15, 2013

Matane, Japan!

Not Sayonara...Matane! See you later, Japan.  

I asked God to give me His heart for Japan. He answered by giving our family His heart for Japan. He reawakened our hearts to missions and changed our career plans to align us with His heart for Japan. We believe we will be back. 

We need to faithfully finish his call to minister in  the military community....two more years. We have no idea what doors will open or how we will return. Our latest, greatest plan is to come back and get a job at Pizza Hut so we have SOFA status (need that APO box). ::wink::  This is the Gherkin version of retiring and becoming a "Walmart Greeter." 

In the meantime, we have some research to do, a language to learn, some plans to discover....and a whole new set of friends and ministry partners to meet at Beale Air Force Base. 

I cannot adequately express God's faithfulness, the personal growth, the ministry growth we've experienced while living here these past four years.

I've learned to dance with God not only in the joyful seasons...but in the hard places - the vulnerable places,  where there is nothing to trust but God, Himself. He has proven faithful.


I've learned to dance in the rain.

"Lord, through all our generations YOU have been our home." Ps 90:1 Our roots are deepest in Him and not a location. Our home is always with us. HE has been our home.....


Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

HI: Dad/I PTL for the heart God has put in you all! You know our heart for missions...... it never leaves a person's heart...really!

We know for a fact that God will and is leading you all step by step. Try not to worry etc about how it is all going to work out.. cuz IT WILL WORK OUT AND SURPRISE YOU OFTEN! More life of excitement ahead.

love and never ceasing to pray for you all. dad/mom t,.

Anonymous said...

I began reading your blog over five years ago when I wondered if anyone in Misawa had a blog. (I lived there as a young Navy wife in the mid 70's) I was anxious to hear how it was there now. My google search brought up Choosing Joy as you had just shared that you had orders to Misawa. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures and your lovely family over these years. Thank your for sharing your lives with me and the others who read your blog. I'm praying for safe travels for all of you and a lovely Texas wedding next month. Misawa has changed dearly over the past 40 years but it sounds like the Japanese people are as gracious and loving as they were back then. My (now ex) husband and I renewed our wedding vows at the chapel on the hill for our 5th anniversary, and our oldest daughter was born at the base hospital and baptized at the main base chapel. I have fond fond memories of being a young mother in Misawa, Japan. Best wishes on your new assignment in California. Blessings, Terry