Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Moving and Playing

I cannot escape the fact that today was the plane day for dear friends....but...I did keep busy. 

0700 - Michael and I snatch minutes to talk as we drive to base

0740 - 0840 - Work out - still going to live healthy though I'm taking drugs again

0900 - 1025  - had to miss Bible Study/Play Group and focus on my assigned MOVING jobs so we could go play....so....

  • FINALLY deposited those PCOC checks - Lisa is SOOOOOO patient
  • Deposited $2000 Arielle had hidden under her mattress ::snort:: 
  • Filled the van with gas - again
  • Did a commissary run
  • Attempted to close a bank account
  • Delivered license plates and paperwork to Big D's - waiting for our Junk Title 
  • Threw rice, tomatoes, chicken and some spices in a crock pot
  • took a shower
  • Reserved hotel rooms in OR for 16 - 22 July
  • Reserved mini van for trip from WA to OR
  • Threw a salad into the packed cooler
1145 - 1500
  • Met Christina and boys at the Log Cabin Pachinko
  • Enjoyed our last trip to Komakko Land - Towada Horse Park 
A week ago it was cold. It's been rainy and overcast...but yesterday and today were PERFECT! We had planned to go to the park with Lisa, Asia, Christina, Colton and Lawson...but poor Asia was sick.  I was glad Christina was still up for the jaunt. 

We enjoyed a quick lunch and then it was time to play. We knew this would be our last time to the park - at least this go around. I neglected to get a photo of Christina and me. I guess this can't be our final get together....I must bring a camera next Tuesday and catch a photo of all the mommies....

I got a photo of Colton's face!!!!


I love this little man! 


Arielle took Colton to the top of the BIG slide. She said he was precious when they got to the top, "Oh! WOW!!"  He didn't want to sit on her lap (of course not!) so she had him get behind her. Eventually they worked out he would hold her hands so he didn't reach out and grab the sides (which can cause scrapes and cuts).

We HAD to feed the horses as it was our last trip. 

Michael called about now and we needed to talk some moving scheduling. The boys were worn out and Christina headed home. I let the kids have a treat - and I called Michael back. LOL

I was sad not to get to visit with Lisa, but I was totally blessed to steal another afternoon with Christina and the boys. I love that Colton calls us, "Chapel." From the mouth of babes. He associates the PEOPLE and not the location with the word "Chapel" - church. I love it. 

1600 -1715

  • More dinner prep (eating the cupboards bare)
  • Answered some emails
  • Called the garbage company, was passed from person to person as we tried to communicate and then they hung up on me. I asked Michiko to call for me. What a treat! 
  • Retrieved a bit of documentation we need to lease a home
  • Picked up Michael
1800 - 2016
  • Dinner
  • Family circle - we discussed another parable....Ask....Seek...Knock....
    • Stacia told us she knows about seeking. "I look and look and look for mushrooms. I look in the back. I look in the front. I look in the field. I look in the neighbor's yard all day long. Then I go to bed. The next morning I look and I look....." Yes, she does apparently understand seeking...it's the finding part she's fuzzy on. LOL 
  • We gathered around the computer and checked out photos of a home we hope to lease
  • Everyone is playing Gin Rummy and me.....blogging, blogging, blogging. ::grin:: 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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