Monday, July 01, 2013

We're Really Moving....

Whew - the next two weeks are full. I think we have one or two days without appointments.  And I realized we WANT free time to walk on the beach, get in as much onsen time as possible....just live in Japan. 

0700 Michael had a "Session" with Shelby and Josiah.... I didn't even get to say hi - was heading to the base. 

0800 - my final appointment with the clinic.  The ONLY good point is that my BP was 111/70. All the labs stink and I'm on a new med, switching up some meds...sick of all the labs. 

0900 - Pre inspection with Ms. Koishi for leaving our home

1000 - 1200 - I worked on my chores:

  • Called the vet again - STILL saying to wait a week - um....this is about it. 
  • Tracked down a number for the garbage men to come take away the BIG items (tracking down numbers is harder than one might think in a foreign country...I chased him down. ::snort:: 
  • Booked airline tickets for the girls and I to fly from SEA to Eugene
  • Started to rent a van for Michael, the boys and Yuuki but realized I'm not sure what size to get
  • Visited with a neighbor and gave away some Vital Wheat Gluten
  • Hunted down an email for Ms. Koishi's office for our future landlord (we hope)
  • Sent a bit more info we'd somehow missed last night in our late night form filling out
  • Answered several wonderfully newsy and personal emails from friends who have passed before
  • Answered a couple of questions about women's ministry
  • Tried to find a kennel in CA for Yuuki during our trip to the wedding - unsuccessful
  • Basically, I have many 1/2 finished items on my list. 
  • Michael turned in badges, equipment, visited bill pay...I'm not sure what all...he's busy with checking out of base and finishing up last minute award packages and OPR's for his guys before we move. 

1200 - 1500  - This is a terrible photo of's the one I I went to Komaki with Mandy. We've had a habit of soaking together. We've served on a PWOC board together. We've mutually mentored each other - and really it IS mutual. We've been real with each other. We decided we'd go soak today, say all we needed to say to each other and then say, "Keep in touch." Which we did. A precious friendship in a precious time - a glorious sorrow to part ways. Godspeed in GA my friend. 

1500 - 1700 -  Made Veggie Pot Pie and Chicken Pot Pie

And now....time for family circle....maybe a game or two.....or better yet a late night walk....Michael is still at the much to do these weeks. 

I'll leave you with THIS critter the kids were happy to find. They don't seem to remember them from TX so this was the excitement for the day. 

Choosing Joy!
©2013 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...

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