Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Great Day

The boys bought these shirts when they were in Moab, UT for the Bachelor Trip. I love them.  We welcomed Krista to TX. We welcomed Beth and Julie (my college sister friends) to TX.  We did a bit of last minute shopping. We picked up suits and dresses. Some of us got haircuts and eyebrow waxes.

 The highlight of the day was the wedding rehearsal and dinner.

Shelby asked Bre to step in for the practice so she could watch 

Groomsmen deciding how they were comfortable holding their hands

No, Jamin...the rings are not a Frisbee.  Love it. 

Group shot at dinner

Beth, my Dad, Julie, my Mom 

These girls are tired

Shelby showed us an Audry Hepburn type style she'd like for Stacia's hair - we practiced. 

Photo didn't show the back so Arielle played

A bunch of us met in the lobby. We were going to play games but ended up talking, laughing, sharing memories and making new memories. I am so happy to have Beth, Julie and Steve and Debbie here to celebrate with our family.

The girls did nails late into the night

Josiah asked us to walk out with him and we chatted and prayed together. Great fun. Tomorrow he will be a "mister" and we'll have a new daughter.

Choosing Joy!
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Kelly said...

I am loving watching you walk through this awesome time. It seems like it will be in my near future.

I'm looking forward to hearing about the wedding and seeing pictures.

Unknown said...

The hair is so beautiful!!! I am very much enjoying this journey with you! I'm so excited for your family! Can't wait to see the wedding pics!

Cynthia said...