Saturday, September 21, 2013

Prayers for Jared

Jared - our 19 yo son - was supposed to keep me young as he was born at my OLD AGE of 30. ::snort:: I think he's giving me gray!

Please say a quick prayer or two for Jared. He is currently being seen by the ER doc. He crashed at work; couldn't breathe and was pale.  They decided it would be quicker for Jamin (son who also works at Olive Garden) to take him to the ER than to have the ambulance come get him. Doc says heart arrhythmia.....and we're standing by and praying. He had a fever a week ago. But not high and doesn't have one now. He went to Austin last week and  has felt fine...just crashed rather quickly. 

He had the same sort of symptoms last year and it was pneumonia. 

Update: Xrays are normal. He does not have pneumonia. They are running tests. He was kept over night in the hospital for observation. As of Sunday at 4:15 TX time he is still in the hospital. 

He was laughing, felt like he was going to pass out, started having trouble breathing and then his face went numb. When they checked him at the ER his heart rate was 230. 

He insists he feels fine now - but we still don't have any real new news and he's still in the hospital. 

Choosing Joy!
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