Thursday, September 19, 2013

Produce Love

I wouldn't have loved this four years ago....but now I love it. It's just about enough for Arielle and I (with the others jumping in as they see fit) to eat in a week.   This week I'm learning how to roast peppers and fry okra. 

I must say the teeny tiny produce is a lot of work to process.....those on the right are chocolate peppers and they are yummy....but tiny. She suggested filling them with cream cheese and using as an appetizer...and that would be scrumptious - except I don't do cheese.

I filled in the edges at Walmart today. I do love the produce being picked in the a.m. and delivered to me hours later. 

Choosing Joy!
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Wild Homeschool Family said...

Wow those are very tiny!

Anonymous said...

Sis: made some small vegie's for dad the other day with mushrooms. He liked them........ only raw for me tho. and no mushrooms which seem tasteless. ::):):):) l/p mom t.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Very tiny - probably because they are non GMO. ::snort::