Saturday, September 07, 2013

The Green Machine

We drove to Davis. I drove home from Davis alone. I nearly had a HEART ATTACK driving in six lanes of traffic, overpasses, swirly bridges....but I knew if I had a heart attack I'd wreck the van...and Michael was right behind me. That wouldn't do at all. I kept reminding myself to breathe deeply.  I finally saw our exit and thought, "I'm home free now."   I couldn't BELIEVE all the insane drivers driving towards me in my lane...oops....maybe THIS will be the last time I drive in the wrong lane of any event, I'll soon get more practice on American roads, with American speeds in the 15 pass van because today we purchased this commuter for Michael.  The kids and I will no longer be house-bound, though school has begun. 

It's ugly (top and hoods need painted) but it's SWEET....rides well, immaculate maintenance records, one owner (verified) may be ugly but it's PAID for and way under the budget we'd set for a car....$500 under blue book. I'm going to start getting quotes to have it painted "soon." We can hopefully find another economical ride all of us will fit into and still stay within the auto budget. If we don't find a second car we are WELL under budget and that's fine too...but we're spending about $80 a week on gas in the van. OUCH.  The salesman we dealt with will call us if someone turns in a mini-van before it even goes to the service department. Thanking God for this little car...and a fun car salesman. 

Michael  said he couldn't even tell I was nervous driving home. I wasn't driving like I was petrified....somehow he was far enough behind me when I exited the freeway that he didn't see my lane issues. ::snort:: 

Renée S. Suen via photopin cc
We celebrated at Chipotles. I love their vegan menu and everyone but Zander seemed to enjoy their meal. Zander separated all the food into piles and then ate the chicken pile. He doesn't like restaurants that "mix food" - but from time to time the rest of us like to eat dangerously. 

BTW I was told, by someone "in the know," our little town has the highest Sikh population in America. I was then told that is why there are so many vegan restaurants in the area. I need to go find these restaurants!!! Anyone want to go exploring with me? I have a 15 pass van at my fingertips now. LOL  

We explored historic Marysville after dinner. Ellis Lake is a man-made lake that has been the centerpiece of Marysville since the 1930's.  

Ellis Lake is home to all sorts of geese, ducks and birds. We noted these ducks (as opposed to the rather stand offish ducks in Northern Japan) are more than willing to preform for food. 

Arielle got to "Skype" with Alicia and Emily today. They didn't get the video working but could at least talk....That was a very good thing.

Yuuki welcomed us warmly when we got home.  OH, she howled again when we got home from buying the car. Poor thing...watching the kids is wearing her out. LOL  She still had energy to play kill the pink flamingo! ::snort::

Choosing Joy!
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