Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Eucharist? Unique Family Circle

It's good to be home. Yes, HOME. Coming back to CA underscored for me the truth that home is not a location - it's people. Home IS where Michael and the home-bound Gherkins are. 

The funniest moment today came during Family Circle. I'm working hard to condense truth to bite-size portions  meaningful to our older children and also our younger children. This week are we studying Jesus, as the Bread of Life. 
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Somewhere in the discussion the Eucharist was mentioned. The discussion continued. Stacia entered it by explaining that Yuuki is named Yuuki....and sometimes we call her Yukasaurus or Yuukichan....she continued on....and finally Michael asked her how this tied in to our discussion. (Are you ready?)

Well - Mom said we could study the Euchasaurus.... ::snort:: 

We jumped back into school today. Arielle and Nolan had helped Stacia and Zander continue through the past few days...and I'm thankful. It will make it much easier to catch up after these few slower days.  Stacia even FINISHED her 2nd grade math book and is now officially a 3rd grader. 
We promptly put the book in our recycling bin....we teased Stacia that it would be recycled and come back as her 4th grade math book. ::wink:: 

This is a day lived in transition. I'm embracing family life here in CA. I'm more aware of family life in other parts of the country....and my mind and heart keeps zipping back to TX and over to OR. 

While I was gone Michael purchased and set up an elliptical. That was great fun. They also bought  a new game....I'm excited to play it with them....but today I had to work out as I didn't get it done before school. 

Dinner was turkey meatloaf for the carnivores...and a black bean loaf for the  vegans or nutritarians.   I also roasted some asparagus and turned one of our abundant squashes into garlic/onion oven baked fries, made a salad and served fruit.  Stacia informed me when I got home  she is vegan now. I asked her what that meant and she said she doesn't eat meat or milk or cheese. 

I'll close with a sample of our patio art. This is Rainbow Larry drawn by Stacia. 

Choosing Joy!
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~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Anonymous said...

Lol with the Euchisaurus!

Love Rainbow Larry!

Love that you can just "quickly" fly to one of your kids if needed. And minimal jet lag, no trains, etc.!


Wilma said...

I agree with Kristine. It is wonderful to be able to get to your kids quicker than before. Ours (4) are all within a 4 hour drive. We have braved Germany and Florida. It is such a comforting thought and evidence of God's blessings. I continue to hold up Jared in prayer and your search for an answer.

Blessings for this day.