Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Self Awareness

Every once in awhile we all exhibit moments of brilliant self-awareness. We recently had one such moment with Stacia. We've known for some time this little one is an EXTROVERT (one of 3 in our family of 11).  Hints: she ALWAYS wants to go with me to the commissary and says things like, "I LOVE to see how many of Mom's friends we'll see," and "I love it when Mom stops and talks to strangers." These are not things our more introverted children have EVER said. ::wink::

A few days ago Zander and I were talking. He commented, "I'm a loner." He is. I agreed. Stacia interrupted the flow of our conversation to say, "I'm a PEOPLE - er."  This was followed, in true Disney style, with a song and dance.... much leaping and spinning... "I'm a people er, I need PEOPLE. I like to talk with people. I like to drink tea with people. Every thing is better with PEOPLE. I'm a PEOOOOOOPPPPPLLLLLL - er!"

I commented to  friends over a year ago I was praying for ways to help my little extrovert learn the value of solitude, silence, and listening earlier in life than I have. Some chided me for trying to turn her into an "introvert." Hear me carefully, in the same way  I teach my introverts the value of community, I need to teach my extrovert the value of solitude, silence and listening.  Never seeking to change the person - only Jesus transforms - but helping all to see the value of the full picture.

A few weeks ago in family circle Stacia began to pray along the lines of, "Jesus help me learn to listen to you and others more and more."  "Jesus I want to know you more."  "Jesus, help me be a good friend and listen better." Um.....yes....she is learning the value of silence, listening, solitude.

Praise God she'll always be a people-er for His glory.

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

Carys and Stacia would get along well. She often tells me, "Mom, my friends are important to me!" I need to teach the benefit of solitude as well. This is my child who talks to herself (playing with imaginary friends, etc) when she's alone. There is increasing quiet, though, now that she can read so many of the books on the shelves. :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

They are two peas in a pod. LOL

Anonymous said...


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh my gosh, Stacia is AWESOME. Too bad you didn't get her song and dance on video (er, digital video... whatever!)

Julie G

Anonymous said...

Dad & I were very surprised parents when you changed from being afraid of people seeming to be an introvert into the lovely extrovert you are. :):):):) We are so proud of YOU and your family. love/prayers - dad/mom t.

Laura said...

How wonderful. I am Mom to a broad extrovert and a serious introvert. I love the way my two boys are so very different, yet share some of the same basic 'familial' traits. I certainly am more extroverted (my dear husband is an introvert) and I have had to really watch myself to not push my introvert to be something he isn't. I recently read the book Quiet by Susan Cain and was struck by much of it. I love your words of wisdom on helping both ends of the spectrum not only appreciate the other end, but seek it out some in their own life. Good stuff, De'Etta!