Monday, October 28, 2013

The COLD has Arrived

I cannot BELIEVE this feels cold...but it does. ::snort:: We didn't get rain - but it was chilly this a.m.

The kids insisted the house was FREEZING...though it never got below 72* inside.  It was pretty humorous to watch everyone do school bundled in blankets and huddled under their covers. 

I visited the audiologist today. Our hope was she would answer the question, "Does he mumble or am I deaf?" It appears I am not deaf. It doesn't necessarily follow that he mumbles, however. She said as we age our brain slows down and we are unable to process as many sounds at a time unless we concentrate. Um....deaf...slow brain....not sure how I feel about these results. I only KNOW  it feels like I'm underwater all the time and my ears are constantly popping. There is no fluid in this is me. 

I stopped by Sunflower Natural Foods on my way home. It's much smaller than New Earth or Whole Foods....but it's closer. It has a neighborhood feel to it. I found organic produce and wheat berries. 

Arielle requested soup. It makes me happy to know it will  get cold enough around here for soup to be welcome. She suggested I make enough for us to put lots in the freezer for future lunches. 

EVERYONE ate this - no fat - lots of was vegan...and they ALL ate it. I'm happy.

This is how we study the Middle Ages. We make chocolate castles - because OF COURSE everyone ate chocolate castles in Medieval times.

The inspection has begun on base....this may be the last one of Michael's career....that's something to celebrate. ::snort:: 

Choosing Joy!
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Linda said...

I have that same feeling in my ears!!! Thought it was allergies. Maybe it's just another fun aging symptom (like my thinning hair). Ugh! I am NOT liking this. I find soup to be the easiest way of getting veggies in my picky eaters! :) Wish I was better at concocting my own recipes. :( I have to follow someone else's.

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

She said our ears and hearing begin to change at 40 and I may well have less accurate hearing than I had earlier in life - but that I'm still far from the official bounds of "hearing loss". I just want to feel like things are clear again. LOL

Amazing Mama said...

I had fluid in my ears for a year. As if I was underwater. It was allergy related. I went to an ent guy for several months to have them vacuumed! IT WORKED! plus taking allergy shots to stave off future episodes.

Renee Gardiner said...

57* is cold? that's perfect temp.
Now the morning I woke up and it was 28*, that was cold

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Well - that was the high. ::snort:: BUT YES it's cold here - and I laugh because it would have been warm in Misawa or fact we've washed cars in colder weather than this. LOL