Friday, January 10, 2014

Shopping and Setting Up

The girls and I got up and took Krista to work. This provided us with a car for the day. I took them to breakfast and then we headed over to Mom and Dad's. We'd planned to grab Mom and Lorri and go shopping for Bre's bridal shower. Mom had forgotten Dad had a doctor's appointment. 

Lorri, the girls and I headed to the mall. The registry wasn't working well at Target - but we still managed to buy gifts we think BreAnne will enjoy. 

We met Mom and Dad for lunch and then spent an hour or so with them. 

Lorri and I headed out to run a couple of wedding errands for BreAnne. 

We picked Krista up, headed to a new mall, enjoyed a Dakota sighting and then headed back to the church to set up for tomorrow night's shower.

It was fun to have so much female family to make this event shine. I found myself reflecting on the blessing of having so  much family around during this special time. It's not always like that for missionary families. 

Arielle & Stacia (Gma in the back) set out tablecloths 

Sherri's a champ (Sister in Love) - setting up food table

My Mother

 Krista (Maid of Honor - daughter) and cousin Lorri

Stacia moves the seat of honor

We visited with BreAnne briefly at the church and then headed home. The night concluded with talk and an episode of The Cosby Show. 

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Anonymous said...

Sis: agree with all you have said. Family and doing this type of thing together is so special. I feel honored to be a part of this big event so deeply. l/p mom t.