Sunday, February 02, 2014

Shopping for a Mother of the Bride Dress

I am shopping for a dress to wear to BreAnne's wedding. 

No, I did not procrastinate.

BreAnne and I went shopping and I bought a dress Bre likes. It looks darling on her. It's a bit too form fitting for me to feel comfortable wearing it walking down an aisle with so many eyes on me. It's beautiful and I'll wear it when I lose 10 lbs.

I found a second dress and Bre liked it too. I have it and it's sweet. I had plenty of time for it to arrive from the UK. It fits great. I plan to have Krista remove the bow. I have shoes to match.

So - WHY am I shopping for a dress 12 days before the wedding?

I misunderstood. I thought ALL the grandmothers and moms would be in red. It turns out they are all wearing pink.  Imagine, if you will, stately, serene music and Michael's Mom walking in, my Mom walking in, maybe Izaak's grandmother, Izaak's Mom - all in shades of pink. I step into the doorway in RED and the music switches to James Brown...."I Feel Good...."  OK it's a fun scenario, but I feel pretty sure it would draw attention to me - and I want the attention on BreAnne and Izaak. ::snort::

The solution is for me to find a dress in some shade of pink...not too formal...the bridesmaids dresses are about the length of the one above....BUT I don't want to look like a teeny bopper either.....Marysville and Yuba City didn't have great options.

After church the girls and I headed to the big town of Roseville. Three u-turns, a surprise trip to Sacramento, zillions of stores later and we're home with two vests for the boys, shoes for Stacia and NO DRESS for me. ::snort:: We DID have fun. Here are some glimpses.

I don't think so
 I liked the one in front - but they didn't have my size! You don't want to see the photo of me squeezed into this one. 

My word! 

From the Bohemian spot....thought maybe the pink drape would work - but well - I felt like an aging hippie with a pink drape. 

This tan under-dress thing is all the rage this season evidently. I got desperate enough to try, hoping it wouldn't like like what I thought it would. Stacia settled it, "Mom it looks like your skin!" OK. 

Can you tell how BAD this dress is? That's see through....and the back was totally see through...and 1/2 the front of the skirt was missing. I asked about a 50% discount as at least have the dress was missing. ::snort:: As we walked out I was SHOCKED to see a Mom BUYING this for her teen daughter. WHAT IS SHE THINKING?????

Nordstroms, Kohls, Macy, Pennies, Sears, Bohemian Chic, and numerous boutiques. I'm not sure where to try next. I found one online but what if it doesn't fit????

Choosing Joy!
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Kelly said...

Have you tried Dillards? I love their dressy dresses.

Anonymous said...

goodness I liked the print one. However any dress makes me look like 10 ton hanna. ::):):)

Anonymous said...

SIS: WOW that red dress is awesome. understand your concern tho. :):):):):)