Tuesday, April 08, 2014

New Family Challenge

Michael loves to create new family challenges and contests.  From the annual great Penny Exchange, our "annual scavenger hunts," (which we've not done since we moved to Japan), and  counting trucks on trips,  to guessing the demise of the birthday balloon - each challenge creates memories and engages us in a family focused activity. I love it. 

I knew it wouldn't be too long before the next challenge materialized. 

Michael challenged the kids to see who can put a Rubik's cube together in under two minutes..... Stacia
thought she had it won, until I pointed out all the sides had to match. It didn't take long until the kids were watching You Tube clips on how to solve the Rubik's puzzle. Michael says we need to buy a  new cube -ours are Dollar Store versions with princess' and Woody on them.....the real thing will move easier...and we do, of course, want to see the children succeed.  

We've had fun remembering the toys of our era....shocked to discover we can no longer do it in under a minute. LOL 

I am still not 100% - but haven't thrown up today..... I really dislike being ill. 

Choosing Joy!
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