Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday at Tahoe

These Gherkins ROCK! We were very busy with Stacia's birthday on Saturday - the Gherkins made lists of food and camping supplies, went shopping and loaded the trailer. Camping really CAN be like a vacation - if you have Gherkins come do all the prep and packing. ::snort::

We left for Tahoe after service. We arrived by 5 p.m. and found our campground.  We're happy with Tahoe Valley Campground.

We set up camp and HAD to go find Lake Tahoe. We found a city campground (which was full and didn't have sites big enough for us)  and a Dog Park on Lake Tahoe.

While walking down to the lake, I stopped to take photos. Michael and the Gherkins walked ahead. As I took photos I heard an older couple commenting, "THIS is what's wrong with this generation! Where's the mother in that picture? WHERE'S THE MOTHER!?"

I couldn't help myself. I smiled prettily and said, "Here I am, I was taking pictures."  ::snort::

Yuuki did not fully appreciate the dog beach.....but we encouraged her to go in anyway.

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