Saturday, September 06, 2014

Sprinting Through Saturday

I finished challenge on Facebook and decided the focus is a good one for me in this season.
Three Reasons to Choose Joy- Day 8
  1. Josiah's flight was NOT held up for 4 hours today
  2. Good friends with which to work hard
  3. A good friend who KNEW I didn't want to cook for potlucks the next two days and took care of it for me! Thank you, Samaritan!
  4. Time alone to do the ugly cry and a few wails and snorts - on the way to Lowes. LOL

We left for the airport bright and early.

A few hours later we roused the Gherkins to go to Far West Campus and do all the "final" jobs before tomorrow's service.  It was a good day, working hard with good friends.

Filled the van (seats OUT) with recycling and trash twice. 
Filled it to the BRIM once with things from Valley Chapel - I will long cherish the memory of Angel (Sgt L), Rob (Col K),  Michael (Ch G), and Nolan directing me as I backed this loaded van up the sidewalk and to the gym. I couldn't see a thing out the back but the van was ringed with helpful men...and they all had different signs which sort of fascinated me. LOL
Stephanie patiently let Stacia work with her for hours - Steph said she felt like one of the family when I said I needed to take a photo! LOL

Michael treated to LARGE Oreo Shakes at Burger King  on our way home. The work day was scheduled to end at noon and we ended at 3 p.m. LOL  We dropped the kids at home and Michael and I went to Lowes.  He and the boys are making banner stands for PWOC and the chapel. Go Chap!!!
Somewhere in here I ran back to Lowes for more supplies while they kept working. It's 10 p.m. and they are STILL working and we left the house at 0420 this a.m.
THIS is an old library that will become PWOC/CWOC's central meeting place, host monthly fellowships, MTOC (our AF approved version of MOPS) and our adult Sunday School.  I had hoped the chapel would cover the shelves so they could be used for storage, to keep kids out of them, to make it pretty - so far no go! LOL I priced curtains tonight to see if I could donate them...but the whole room is lined with these.....What to do....

Choosing Joy!
©2014 D.R.G.
~Coram Deo~
Living all of life before the face of God...


Unknown said...

I love the shelves. We just need to ask out ladies to bring tchotchkes they are willing to donate for deco. :-) we ALL have tchotchkes we are willing to share. It could be colorful and pretty. :-)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

Cheri - you are picturing a variety of tclothes on the walls? I was trying to get them to match but that may be a good idea. LOL

Anonymous said...

AH! this stick in the mud matching mom is glad to see this element in you. :)):):):):):) however a bit of spice in life is interesting. :)

I evidently missed the reason for the move to this new meeting place. help!

God Bless your services this morning.

love/prayers - mom t.