Saturday, December 27, 2014

Family Days

One reason Stacia was excited to have company is that Grandma always plays games with her. She's in seventh heaven. LOL Every day which begins with a family game has got to be a good one.

We ventured out to Empire State Mine today - blog and photos to follow. Mom and Dad stayed home as they felt the walking would be too much. I think it would have been. Mom got some chicken cooking for us while we were gone.

We stopped at a local fruit stand and got some fresh, local, fantastic citrus.  Back at home the big decision was if I should make Veggie Pot Pie (one with chicken) or Chicken Divan. Michael settled the internal debate by saying he'd like pot pie. He leaves early tomorrow to fly to CO for a few days.

With dinner done we reverted to relaxing evening activities.....

And now Michael, Krista and I are trying to sleep. We'll leave at 0345 for Sacramento

Choosing Joy!
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