Sunday, April 26, 2015

Fellowship Sunday - May

It's pretty ironic that I check the preaching schedule when I sign up to help in the children's program or with potlucks and yet I continue to be "out" on the Sunday's Michael is preaching.  I'm not sure how else to avoid this other than never volunteering. ::snort::

Today was Fellowship Sunday - the consistent feedback we receive is  people really enjoy these weeks. Relaxed connections make these days beneficial for me. Today I enjoyed working together with Stephanie, Thea and Jerry.  It was a special gift to be able to sit and visit with Desiree at lunch time. I've missed connecting with her.  Cynthia, Thea, B, the Gherkins and Michael all worked together to clean up the aftermath.....I missed Maria. Two, maybe three, more fellowships and we'll be leaving Beale....things are "happening."

I didn't take many photos but here are a few:
Clara Beth likes her chips

Elise chilling

Kids of all ages enjoying some sort of noisy card game!

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