Thursday, May 14, 2015

Day 4 - From Aliens to Gherkins

We made it - 0615 start.

Travel Tip of the Day: Early trips and long miles are worth it when Gherkins wait on the other end.

AT the risk of being accused of having a "Texan Attitude," I must say, "Y'all within a mile of crossing into TX it got pretty. Green fields, wild flowers, blooming cacti and oil wells."
Flat - but colorful!

Yes, Michael did pull the Beast and the Caboose off the road to take cactus pictures. COLOR, y'all!

We arrived in time for lunch with Jamin and Jared.  Josiah had some coaching sessions set up with employees from Chick Fil A (CFA). CFA has a goal of high performance teams vs. the  typical managerial chain. Josiah has written a curriculum which he uses to equip employees as they develop a vision for leadership, for the company, and for their lives. It's good stuff. If I were still training women's ministry leadership teams I'd steal it. ::snort::  I'm proud of the team he has built. He's worked himself out of a job and will be looking to do the same in other spots, "soon."  He joined us after his meetings.

We headed over to Josiah's apartment. Basketball was the agenda for the day.   Everyone headed to our "campsite" at Lake Nasworthy. The Fam camp is full of full-time RVers...but they now have electric/water sites for $15 a night - basically a parking lot - and we parked there. Beats $300 a night of past visits. LOL  Unfortunately, with a site in Siberia, we don't receive wifi in the Caboose. It's the small things....happy to be up early and sitting in the laundry room to post a couple of blog posts. Seems to take an hour to publish one post - I may get behind. LOL

We walked along the lake. We'd hoped our grand dog Cody, would take to Yuuki. Unfortunately, both dogs seem to have a "thing" about the other receiving affection. sigh.

A big fish jumped, we were distracted and Cody jumped in. He loves the water. Yuuki loves the water from the front of a kayak.
More basketball

 I found Arielle sitting at the top of this play structure. She remembers it being a "rocket ship" or a "Disney castle."  I suspected she was thinking of her upcoming graduation, move and friends of the past that aren't here this visit. We miss Emma.  I ventured over for a photo and asked her - sure enough - remembering. So am I.

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Laura said...

Love the blooming cacti!

Much transition in your household. Prayers for all of it. :)