Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Day 3 - The Quirkiest Town in America

Travel Tip of the Day - To prepare for grooming at campgrounds: take a cookie sheet, nail it to the wall, now apply your makeup.

We are getting travel days down to a fine art.  I wake up early. I take Yuuki for a 40 - 60 min walk. I wake everyone else up and we head for the shower house. We grab a "road breakfast,"  button up The Caboose and take off.

Arielle specifically told Yuuki she could not have the seat by the window - 100 miles later Yuuki had the seat AND the blanket.
Eventually, they shared.

We stop for lunch at a Pilot or Flying J. Michael fills up while I run the kids through the restroom and get seated at Denny's. We order. I get Yuuki and walk around with her - good for both of us - until the food arrives. I've been getting 10 - 13K steps a day - even with sitting for 10 - 12 hours in the van. Denny's makes a special veggie skillet for Arielle and me - we just had to figure out what to ask for.  Today, we extended beyond both sides of the RV parking space. LOL
We saw a lot of this.....
Until we saw this - proof that Walmart is an alien tool
At the campground, Yuuki vows to protect us from all aliens until Michael returns.

 Yes, we are spending the night in America's Quirkiest Town - Roswell, New Mexico. We arrived, set up in TEN MINUTES, and then walked around town and enjoyed the sights.

INTERNATIONAL UFO Museum and Research Center - unfortunately, it was closed. I really wanted to check this out.
This business sign cracked me up.

Zander, Nolan, Arielle, "Bob", Me and Stacia and "Larry"

 Another Christian Store

Weather Balloon Pilots...
 Funny to see the town war between Southwest and Alien themed decor - they go so well together
Primitive Baptists meet at the UFO center
We finished the night with evening snacks, tea and UNO.....and a bit of "minor surgery" for Nolan.
Stacia hid in her bunk and yelled out helpful statements such as, "Is it bleeding yet?" and "Are you done stabbing Nolan yet?"
tomorrow we'll get an 0600 start and arrive in San Angelo. 

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Amazing Mama said...

you are driving right past our door! wish we could see you. Portales NM!