Monday, May 18, 2015

Retake on Quirky

It always makes me sad to leave San Angelo. I enjoyed our stay at the Rec camp. It even turned out well to be in the overflow. Our tanks were fine and we were away from all the other drama and noise. LOL I'll miss the solitary walks by the lake in the morning and the stars from the Caboose at night. I'll miss gentlemen who open the door for you at local stores without any ulterior propositions involved.
We only drove six hours today - yes we ARE back in Roswell, NM. We HAD to visit the International UFO Museum and Research Center.  It was only $16. We thought it would take an hour and were prepared to "yuck it up."  Turns out it is a treasure trove of information and was really well done. We began by putting tacks showing our hometown. Several had trouble with this and so Michael instructed them to choose their favorite place they've lived. Seems Misawa has quite a few tourists in Roswell.
Now - we still aren't sold on a UFO with aliens...but we are appalled at the military's reaction to the incident, the affidavits were fascinating,  and we are  quite sure that SOMETHING is being covered up.  Nolan even speculated they encouraged the alien thing to cover up what really did crash. We'll never know but it was fascinating and led to interesting discussion both on the crash issue and on the role of the military then and now.  We missed all the movies.
And then - well we yucked it up a bit.  Three aliens....

Wait - there are SEVEN Aliens now

Cracks me up 

Unique street lights
We are staying at Red Barn RV park - and like it MUCH better than the one we stayed at on the way out. It's small and so you need to get here early - which we did. We enjoyed dinner outside of the Caboose.
Still eating cake....

Kids are taking showers tonight, Michael and I took advantage of internet, we're playing games and streaming a movie.  Tomorrow we drive on to AZ.

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