Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hiking Historic Route 66

We had a bit of a miscalculation due to every piece of technology being set on a different time this a.m. but we still managed to pull out of Roswell by 0830.  Our destination was Meteor Crater RV Park between Winslow and Flagstaff.
We saw TWO accidents today. Michael stopped the trailer each time and ran to check on the occupants. I cannot believe everyone else just drove on pass - one in NM and one in AZ. This guy certainly loaded the pickup he was towing wrong - and blew out tires and was nearly killed in the process. I'm resigning myself to the fact I'll have to learn how to load a trailer, pull a trailer etc if we are to live in a trailer.

When we checked into this really NICE RV Park, they told us we could stay for FREE. They are part of a program called Tents for Troops - bonus! This is a great program if you are active duty - check it out.

We arrived early today (due to time change) and decided to go for a walk. I really wanted to stretch. We decided to hike up the old Route 66...not the restored stuff - this patch of road is rustic.

You can barely see it but the tower as a museum/tower for the meteor crater. It was built right on route 66 - then the interstate came in and folks quit stopping to climb the tower and see the meteor crater.  He went out of business. He finally fenced it off as the tower is crumbling.
Hiking Route 66
The road went on "forever"
Michael introduced the kids to Kick the Can 
Stacia and I walked faster than the others and she enjoyed playing while we waited for the others
Sunset over the San Francisco Mtns

We had a quick fend for yourself dinner and  settled in to some internet surfing. We're looking for a Diesel pusher Class C RV with bunks - preferably 3.  We've seen a few options.  Still thinking....and waiting...and we'll see how God leads.

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