Saturday, June 06, 2015

Eudcational Gaffe

Proving that educational gaffes are not limited to the early elementary age crowd.....

While we have 195 days logged for this school year, and we gave Arielle her diploma while we were with friends and family, there are still a few loose ends I want tied up. I'm THAT kind of homeschooler. We school year round so we can go at our own pace. We worked this week and have a few more days next week to tie up loose ends. One of those loose ends was this final paper for Tapestry of Grace.

Michael was checking over the essay and called for me to read it.  I calmly read his red comments until I got to this one.....My response was a bit more animated than Michael's.....Do you see it? It's a good thing we have Michael to proof these things.
"The Montgomery Bus Boycott began when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a crowded butt and was arrested."  I'm quite sure that is NOT how this period of history has been taught. This was a great opportunity to point out the inadequacy of depending on spell and grammar check to do your proof checking.  ::snort::

We called the student in question....
Nolan enjoyed a laugh at Arielle's expense as well.
Thanks, Arielle, for letting us share one final school funny from your "younger years." Here's hoping you don't have too many of these in college.
Today, Michael has worked on the car and sermon prep. We worked on finishing some school threads and cleaning the house. 

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