Friday, June 05, 2015

Friday's Window Shopping

Arielle and I left home early this a.m. for "the chapel."  Arielle spent the day watching children during a PWOC board training. I had breakfast with the incoming women's ministry board of Beale AFB and then led a workshop on the aims/mission and history of PWOC.  Michael didn't think I could do it in the time I was given. I did. I was outside waiting for him at 1048. LOL

Meanwhile, he got the oil changed in the van, loaded up the kids, and picked me up on base.

Our next stop was Grass Valley. We had lunch at South Pine Café. I enjoyed my Thai Tofu wrap. The others seemed "ok" with their choices.

We topped off lunch with a visit to our favorite Chocolate shop.  I would like to point out that "I" did NOT get an ice cream.  I learned from Becky well and ordered one piece of yummy chocolate. ::snort::

After our dessert we headed for DeMartini's RV sales.  Our test drive of a motorhome a couple of weeks ago has pretty much convinced us we don't want a gas motorhome.  Supposedly they had a Damon Astoria on the lot (favorite from internet shopping). We have found two models which work for us in a diesel pusher. A Damon Astoria (This is NOT one we are looking at - the ones we've found are cheaper. LOL ) and a Thor Palazzo (2 bunks and a front bunk). The Damon had already sold. I have been very interested in the toy haulers and they had some Class A Toy Haulers - so we checked those out. One model had a layout which would have given everyone their own "room."  The problem was our room would have been the grand central everyone went through to get to their rooms. I loved the options to set up the "garage" as we'd like....but I wasn't happy with losing privacy...and being a gas motor home there wasn't a lot of under storage either. This wouldn't have been a big deal for weekend camping...but for full time rving I think privacy will be essential.

That left an RV that had JUST come in.  It happened to be the model we were interested in seeing - though it was 6 years newer (and thousands more $). I LOVE the interior layout and furniture of the Damon - but it would appear we'd have to get a double bunk and modify it to three. Doable?
This Palazzo has some nice features - lots of under carriage storage, tile floor (vs carpet which doesn't wear well), bunks.....the thing is when you start seeing all the options you have to pull back and decide what is really essential. We  live, 99% of the time, by the  Dave Ramsey 10 day rule. Impulse purchases are very rare.  One like this "got away" four months ago, they will put this on the website and lot this weekend and it may well get away too.....we just aren't sure we're ready to make the decision at this point. But it's fun to look. We asked lots of mechanical questions and raised issues we've been learning about on our RV groups. ::snort::
Only two bunks - but they are spacious and have two drawers under them. Each bunk has a TV option - not sure they'll be staying if we buy this model. We would add curtains for each bunk - in addition to the doors that pull shut. The top bunk can slide back and down to make a couch and there's another TV across the hall. This can also convert into a big closet - if there is a time we are RVing without children.

 The kitchen is nice. The fridge is residential. I don't like the furniture. I can live with that. The layout is not my favorite,  but it seems we won't have the lay out I like AND a front bunk. ::snort:: Through all our discussions we have decided, for us and the ages of our children, a private spot for each child IS essential. We don't want them to have to sleep on the table etc.  Again this is not a vacation.
This model is the only diesel pusher we've found with a pull down front bunk. I can put a curtain up from the ceiling to the top of the bunk and Nolan has said he'd be happy to stay there. Our thought was Stacia in the front but she is adamant she does not want to be by the door.  The bunk can be raised higher or lower....
I really wanted more "wall space" to personalize what I lovingly call the "Geriatric Mobile."  Nonetheless, the private spaces for the kids are essential  -  perfect layout and upholstery really aren't.

We would have an external 42 inch flat screen TV...figure I could work out outside. ::snort::  There is also a big flat screen which hangs directly over the table. The kids love it, I'm not sure I could live with it.

Yes....five flat screen televisions in 33 feet of home...I can't see this situation staying this way. ::snort:: I simply can't see going from no television to five.....

Still thinking. We have found some damage on the trailer which will cost more to repair than we were planning. The repairs involve more than we can tackle....removing the roof, replacing plywood and putting it all back.....anyway....we figure we'll make a decision in the next month. LOL No hurry, we still have 2 1/2  months until we have to know what we want to do when we grow up retire.

We found a Papa Murphy's on our way out of Grass Valley. Arielle was waiting at home and we made pizza. John Wayne is waxing eloquent in the family room. It's Friday.


Linda said...

You know who Todd Wilson is, right? He spoke at our state convention this year. One of the talks he gave was on RVing. We went just for the fun of it. It's useful for him as he's often on the road for speaking engagements and takes all 6 of his kids who're still at home. So 8 people in a hotel is cost prohibitive. He mentioned that they don't cook in their RV other than in the microwave, because it heats up the RV too much. I think that'd definitely be something to look into. Also, they can't all shower in one day because they don't have an abundance of water. Now, they're not living permanently in the RV. I think the longest trip they ever took was 3 months. That'd make a big difference in what you would be willing to put up with, I'd think. Anyway, just thought I'd throw in the very few things I know about RV life. :)

DeEtta @ Courageous Joy said...

I've discovered Todd's website with RV tips and such. I think the oven is what would heat up an RV - and many of the models we are looking at have a micro/convection oven rather than a conventional oven. I also have an instant pot that we think will work well in the Rv. As for the shower....yep 10 gal won't go far with the crew traveling with Todd. We've found we can usually get it all done - or use the shower houses if we're at a park. Yep - the time you plan to stay in the unit does color what you look for. It's been a fun journey.