Monday, June 22, 2015

Gherkins Scattered Here and There

I last wrote eleven days ago  - since then we've been all over the place.

Krista led a team of eight to Mexico.  They ran a VBS at Imuris Kid's Kingdom, the orphanage where Arielle and she spent time last summer.  They also went a rehab facility, did some odd jobs and a bit of sightseeing.

F- Krista, Arielle, Katie
B- Shawn, Eric, Wyatt, David, Kent

An hour or so after the team left our home, we piled into Michael's commuter. The team took our van to Mexico. We drove up to Oregon and deposited the three youngest Gherkins with BreZaak. In addition to seeing them, highlights of this flying trip were seeing Nate, Nadia, Will and Sherri and my folks.  We drove back to Oregon on Sunday. We flew out of Sacramento on Monday morning.
Kids realized they have it good in the 15 pass van LOL
 Michael and I enjoyed the trip home, the quiet home (not sure we've been alone in our home for decades), and our trip to Pittsburgh (photos in a separate post).
Michael in front of Mt Shasta
There is no simple, chronological way to organize THIS glimpses from the Mexico trip.
Krista - our 2nd Gherkin

Arielle (6th Gherkin) and Miley

Alejandro in the middle

One thing the team did was shop and cook an "American meal" for the kids. This was a big hit last summer - the girls made pizza from scratch. This time they did BIG hamburgers, all the trimmings, fries and watermelon. It was well received.
Alejandro and David


 VBS was the  highlight
Kent spinning stories

Meanwhile in Oregon, VBS played a part of the 3 Gherkin's week as well. They enjoyed helping BreAnne prepare for "her" VBS.

Goliath to scale

Cousin Time

Izaak with the kids
Photo booth with Bre
 They had a great time at the River too....

Car wash
::snort:: This cracks me up.
In Texas, Jamin prepared to move to College Station for the next phase of his education. Josiah called with the news that he had accepted a job in the Seattle area. I need to write a couple more "Mommy posts". LOL

We flew back to CA.......the team from Mexico showed up late Saturday night...after a stop to Chick Fil A.....

They left Sunday a.m., Michael preached, we headed back to Oregon to pick up the kids. We had a 10 hour turnaround. I was pretty proud of the kids being outside by the van at 0645 ready to head home.

Our trip home was uneventful, except for the tire that nearly blew. I'm so thankful Michael took the time to stop and have the tire checked. It was bulging and separating. So very glad it didn't blow when the kids were driving or on either for that matter.

It was a wild week and a half....lots of great memories made.  Back at home we gave Michael a Father's Day gift - a set of DVD on natural disasters......and picked up Yuuki.
It's nice to be home.

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