Sunday, July 12, 2015

Nolan's New Look

We have no clue what motivated the change...but this afternoon Nolan shaved his beard off. If you've not seen a recent photo check the last photo of yesterday's blog post.

Just like that he looks 16 again. 

He's still helpful way beyond his years!
The other happenings of the day include chapel. We were so happy to see Angel and Jeremy. Angel was at our very first assignment, Malmstrom AFB,  as a 5 - 7 year old girl. She is now here with her husband and baby. Full circle. 
We grabbed lunch at Panda Express.
We have a HUGE box of water bottles we wanted to recycle. They would only let us turn 50 in at a time. We'll just be taking 50 at a time over - it's mad money for our trailer repairs.
Arielle seems to be feeling a bit better this afternoon. She can still barely open her mouth.
We took some measurements on the trailer (Caboose) and took it back to the storage lot.
That's about it.....the highlight of the day is certainly Nolan's new look - and the Gin Rummy the others are playing. 

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Anonymous said...


WOW! Nolan you look great with your beard and without it. Neat you are handsome either way. love/prayers to you - 2G's T.