Thursday, August 13, 2015

Arielle Passes the Baton to Nolan

The elder kids started a tradition years ago, of passing the baton from the current eldest Gherkin to the new eldest Gherkin - when one leaves home. This symbolizes leadership in the family. We didn't START this - THEY DID.....and we love it. We love  they take their role seriously. We love that it mentors young leaders. This is the first time we witnessed the exchange...Arielle saved the baton to pass when all the Gherkins were together. This gets harder to manage with each passing of the baton - amazing they've all been together for each pass.  
They all prayed over Nolan.
And enjoyed a group hug. Sure LOVE these kids - to the moon.

I knew it was busy - a five post day. That may be a record.

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