Thursday, August 13, 2015

Stacia is TEN!

A tenth birthday is big at any time...double digits. In the military, however, the 10th birthday is when you GET YOUR ID. Stacia has had an imaginary ID since she was 3. For YEARS (up until the last year) she would always hand it to me along with all the other IDs as we pulled to the gate.
THIS cake from Walmart turned out fine.
She's practiced signing her name for years.  We were happy that Michael's retirement would happen AFTER her birthday and she will get an active duty ID before we get the retirement ID's.

After rehearsal and loading out Michael's office we headed to her choice- Dancing Tomato. John and Nadine joined us too. What a fun group it was.
11 Gherkins, Gma and Gpa T, Izzak, Dakota, Lariss and John and Nadine

Krista and Nolan got her this....we all signed it and I know she's going to love it on the road

 Praying a blessing over Stacia

We love some BreZaak!
Such fun have Arielle home

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